Mission and Vision

Moksh Mission foundation is the one stop destination for all helpless people. We serve the poorest of the poor and aim to provide all possible help for all needy people around the nation. Our Honorable president, Mr Ratan Singh have a clear vision about the development of human race. We aim at providing education to those children who belong to extremely poor as well as backward family. We also have a list of mission. Our volunteers with expertise from various fields are working day and night to fulfill all the mission statements.

Our Vision

  • To provide education to people belonging to different economic class and financial status
  • Feed on food to the children, families and individuals who cannot earn adequate to feed themselves as well as their family members
  • Create social awareness among people to demolish the social evils within the society
  • We aim at making women reach to the top position with women empowerment
  • We have been organizing several projects through which people can work and remove the evil of unemployment within the society.


Our Mission

Moksh Mission foundation has a well defined mission. The management along with our Honorable president, Mr Ratan Singh has inflated some ideas for this.

  • We have started a school for children belonging to all classes. This is a program where basic education will be given to each and every member. This is for all those children who are deprived.
  • In next step we are going to provide the health care facilities for all those people who are not getting adequate treatment. They are suffering from variety of diseases. But, only due to lack of ,money they cannot get proper treatment. We are going to start health check-up camps in villages. This will include renowned doctors and specialists.
  • Our mission is making each women self dependent. There are many needy women who are deprived of a good live. They are dominated by the society. At Moksh Mission foundation,we have several projects to help them maintain their livelihood.
  • Our experts also found out that children may become totally overburdened if they are asked to study only. They must do something else that can help them develop their creative part. Thus, at moksh mission foundation, we have initiated some extra curriculum activities such as drawing competition, singing, dance, recitation etc. This will help them bring up their talent.

Our Projects

Based on our Vision and Mission, we have initiated various projects. We believe that. Each individual being the part of the project have received wider benefits. Following are some of our projects:

  • Little world play school – This is for very small children who are deprived of education
  • Sewing machine for tailoring- This is one of the projects of women empowerment
  • Silk thread making – Women can easily earn their livelihood by making fashionable jewelry and selling those
  • Paper bag making- This too have a great demand in the market. Needy women are taught this for earning by themselves.
  • Swatch barat qwareness- We also aim at making our nation clean. Thus, we are with our prime minister.