Training Centre Partner

Moksh Mission Foundation

Training Centre Partner

Moksh Mission Foundation endeavours to create a platform that enables social empowerment through education and skill development. The organization is involved in myriad initiatives that have successfully involved people of all age groups to develop skill and knowledge so as to derive sustainable earning opportunities.        

With an aim to foster skill development across the country, Moksh Mission Foundation has joined hands with partners and through joint efforts has embarked on a path to eliminate major social concerns of unemployment, starvation and illiteracy.       

Understanding the responsibility and acting to derive effective social initiatives!          

Moksh Mission Foundation aims to promote skill development by enabling setup of “Vocational Training Institutes” by involving “Training Centre Partners”. In order to derive scalable and effective vocational training centres, MMF offers an exceptional support system that results in a sustainable set-up of such facilities.              

A catalyst in skill development!                       

How It Works?                

Moksh Mission Foundation gladly accepts interested organizations to partner with its efforts in helping create sustainable and efficient Vocational Training Centre facilities. The sole purpose of these facilities would be to cater serving of expert training and education for enabling people to derive sustainable employment and earning opportunities.   

  • Foundation Registration -       

Moksh Mission Foundation Training Centre Partners would be responsible for enhancing and strengthening the skill development initiatives and ensuring unhindered empowerment of people of all age groups.       

MMF caters to strengthen the co-ordination of skill development efforts so as to build a reinforced vocational training framework and also eliminate disconnect between demands and requisites of skilled manpower.     

Interested parties having an aim to be part of skill development efforts across the country and willing to partner with Moksh Mission Foundation have to register to be designated as official Training Centre Partners.       

A one-time registration fee of INR 11000/- is to be paid that guarantees these partner institutes provision of expert trainers and consultants who ensure streamlined setup and profitable serving of the right skills through the training modules.              

  • Vocational Training -         

The Vocational Training centres have an entrusted responsibility to train and empower people with the right skill-set so for enhancing their employment / self-employment opportunities.

The trainees would be offered one time material and dedicated tutors/trainers that specialise in delivering the right knowledge to develop or enhance the desired skills to be acquired. At the end of the training, a certificate would be provided on successful accomplishment of all the courses.   

A sum of 200 rupees will be collected from each trainee and for that they will receive I-Cards and training course certificates.      

  • Self Help Group (SHG) -   

The vocational training is intended to equip the youth with right skill set so that they can establish their own Self Help Groups in partnership and thus generate sustainable sources of income. These self help groups would enable youth to utilize their skills in generating income and benefit from the same to create and sell products.                

These self help groups will be a budding platform to get a firsthand experience of the workings in a self run business. For an SHG that sustains for a period of 06-months, it would be eligible to acquire bank loan and thus embark on the next step of business establishment and expansion.               

This would be beneficial for the individual partners of the self help groups to further expand their set-ups and thus be able to generate employment opportunities. These self help groups would be small scale set-ups which enable production and sale of the crafted products and thus sustain income requirements for youth.                    

  • Sale / Marketing -               

For enabling successful sale and wide marketing of the products being crafted at the Self Help Groups, we help in sales and marketing so that these products get listed on major E-commence platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.            

These self help groups would be offered all possible assistance and consultation in setting up stalls for market sale of the products. This way the skill acquired would be utilized to create a sustainable platform for generating income and thus enhance the self employment scenario in the country.     

Enhancing capacity in skill based employment and SHG setup.