Women Empowerment

The projects on women empowerment

Today women are walking a step higher than men. Different projects and initiation from government has benefitted women to reach their height. Also, some families encouraged higher education for their girl child and women. As a result, women are getting good chance to stand at par with men in all fields. Moksh mission foundation realized that, there is still some community where women are deprived. They are not allowed to get ample education. Thus, they have to depend on their male member for their necessities.


Our role in women empowerment

We are a group of people working together with the aim of making better society. We have different projects that can help poor and deprived class of society. Our honorable President, Mr Ratan Singh has initiated the project of women empowerment. We provided a platform to each and every deprived woman so that they can earn by themselves. The Moksh mission foundation has initiated different projects only for women. As a result, the housewives can earn their living.

The projects on women empowerment

The projects on women empowerment

We are presently several projects for women. Through the above activities the needy women can easily earn their living and stay independent:

1. Tailoring project- We have realized that each women has some talent. Some are very good in stitching. Thus, our tailoring project was initiated with the aim of making the women financially independent. In this connection we provided sewing machine to each of them.

2. Candle making- Some women with no knowledge of any type of hand work is provided with vocational training. Most of the women have learnt how to make candles. As a result, they can now do it by themselves and sell the candles to get money.

3. Silk thread jewelry making- This art has become a latest trend today. Most of the women love to look good. It is not possible for all women to wear gold jewellery. Thus, they want a substitute. The jewelries made with wrapping up silk thread over beads is now available in various colors and design. Our project has employed many helpless women. They have now established their own business and earning really well.

4. Agarbatti making- Most of the people in India are religious. Whether it is temple or gurudwara, agarbatti is needed to worship. Thus, the demand of this product has increased. The poor women who learnt the making of agarbatti can now sell the product in many shops and earn their living.

5. Jute bag project- The jute bag is having a great demand in the market. This is a wonderful art in some parts of India. Special training is provided by the craftsmen while initiating the vocational training in jute bag making.

6. Paper bag making – This can be a cottage industry project initiated by the Moksh mission foundation. The homeless and deprived woman gets enough empowerment with such project.

There are many more projects we are going to establish for women empowerment. The deprived women will be benefitted if they can join the projects at Moksh mission foundation.