Mid day meal for all children

Our nation still has many families in villages where children stay hungry for days and weeks. Government of India has first initiated the scheme of ‘mid day meal’. This is also known as school meal program. Representatives visit every home to invite kids for study at school. But, the parents say no. On asking the reason, parents say, kids work to earn food for home. If they go to school, they cannot have their meal. On hearing this, government has decided to feed children at school. Moksh mission foundation also realised this fact. Thus, children enrolled at the educational institute of Moksh mission foundation can relive their hunger by the mid day meal.

Aim of mid day meal

  • 1. Increase admission in school
  • 2. Improve socialization
  • 3. Remove classroom hunger
  • 4. Stay away from malnutrition
  • 5. Increase attendance at school


Challenges of midday meal

The group of volunteers from the moksh mission foundation went to every door for student’s enrolment. But, very few people came forward. All of them has some or the other reasons. Some event shut their mouth. Another group says, their kids will hardly get any food if they are sent to school. Some says, they don’t want their kids to see educated. The parents themselves are un-educated. Thus, they don’t understand the value of being educated.

The management sat in a meeting and decided to adopt the Mid day meal program. The poor people remain hungry. Thus, if they are attracted with a meal program, there is a good chance that, parents will send their kids to school. After all these challenges, the proposed program was successful. More and more students have come to take admission. It is true that the primary motive is food. But, in the want of feeding on with food they are getting education as well.

Different menus of mid day meal The mid day meal program is there in each and every state. The menu may change as per the location. For example, at some places, kids get their mid day meal as ‘ Khidchdi’. Another menu of mid day meal is rice, dal and a mix vegetable curry. Similarly, Moksh mission foundation has set up their menu as per the area.

We have taken good care of the food quality while feeding the children with the mid day meal. Our representatives check the purity of food several times before feeding the young and innocent kids. An individual is allotted for the taste and quality insure of the mid day meal food. Repeated check takes place so that after consuming the food, the kids may not have any type of discomfort or diseases.

Protein in mid day mean

The management and the president at the Moksh mission foundation wish to see the kids healthy and happy. Thus, we supply the food with adequate quantity of protein and all types of nutrients. This will significantly replace all types of diseases with good health. Even the nutritionist is involved befire setting up the menu of the food.