Little world play school

People send their kids to play schools. This is the school that is meant for kids younger than 5 years of age. We have established a very friendly and colourful setup. Also, the pictures of fruits, trees, flowers, etc are painted all around the walls of such schools. Kids come to this place and feel happy to see new elements. We have recruited trained the play group teachers to teach very small kids. Also, our honourable President, Mr Ratan Singh ensures that no kids get any type of stress or mental pressure of studies.

Why do kids need a play school?
Moksh Mission foundation has made the little world play school to keep the kids happy and adaptable. Kids younger than 5 years hardly have come out of the protective shell of their home, parents and family members. This however will never make them adaptable to the outer world. We, at Moksh Mission foundation has established a school where they can come and play. Children under 5 years of age can get new friends. Moreover, they will get a platform other than home. Also, this develops kid’s brain to some extent.



Moksh Missiron Foundation,
we have truly realized this fact. Thus, we want all the kids enrolled in our school to be perfect with respect to morale and values. Our teacher speaks with the kids and tries to make them interactive. Good morals and valuable teachings are taught to each of them.