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Sponsor a child to change his life

Every child is expected to have a bright future. But, due to poverty and other social evils they are deprived. Also, many of them belonging to low economic income group families have no scope of education. Moreover, in many cases you can see that children are very bright with regards to their IQ level. But, due to inadequate funds they may not educate themselves. At moksh mission foundation, we aim to target all these students. Also, our donors are very kind to sponsor a child. We also want more donors for sponsoring several children.

Need of child sponsorship

Do you want to take the responsibility of a child? If yes, moksh mission foundation is the best place. We have many orphan children. They wish to study and be a future citizen. Some of them are bound to stop their education in the middle. In addition, some work as a child labor. In order to stop these social evil, our founder Mr Ratan Singh has taken this initiative. Till date, few children have been sponsored. Some donors sponsors towards their food. Furthermore others are interested towards their education reaching to heights. If you want to see our future managers, doctors, professors, child sponsorship is an important part.

How to sponsor a child?

If you want to sponsor a child, follow the step by step process.. Have a look at the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to our website
  • Select the heading,’ sponsor a child’
  • Look at the list of child. choose from the list
  • Look at the history and profiles of each child. Also, check the age and other facts
  • Now, choose the particular child you wish to sponsor
  • Select the option for how do you want to contribute towards the child’s future.
  • Now, put the amount you wish to send to the child. This will be taken from you as per the option or the duration of the period you mention.
  • Alternatively, you can also fill up the hard copy of the child sponsorship form and send the same to the address mentioned in the website. You can send demand draft or cheque along with it.

Benefit of child sponsorship

Are you a businessmen or a professional working in a corporate house? In both the cases, government demands tax. The best way to save tax is here at moksh mission foundation. Once you sponsor a child, it will be shown in your tax return file. As a result you can save good amount of tax from your yearly income. Other than that, helping a needy child towards his or her future is a noble task. You will really feel good right from your heart. You can stop child labour prevailing in the society. Moksh mission foundation is the one stop destination for charity. All of you with a big heart of helping the society can call us and contribute.