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Gurukul Public school

A school is an educational institution that remains always in demand. Parents look for a safe environment where their kids can study. The teachings and learning other than the bookish facts must boost their thought process to a different level. Gurukul Public school is one among such institutions that is established by the Moksh mission foundation.

About Gurukul

The Gurukul is the new project started by the NGO, ‘ Moksh Mission foundation’ with the total capacity of 1700 students. The school welcomes the primary students and will intake the students in each class till the level of 10+2. Also, the location of the institution is very reasonable from various places and suburbs of Delhi. Thus, it will be easier for parents to send their children here. The main aim of Gurukul Public school is to give chance of education to children from poor class. They are the un- privileged class. Also, they are always rundown. Moksh mission foundation has the goal to educate them.

Mission of Gurukul Public school

The goal and objective of ‘ The Gurukul’ of Moksh mission foundation is quite different from other schools in the city. It is truly for the class of society who are deprived of all the services. The mission of Gurukul is varied. Under the guidance of President ‘ Mr Ratan Singh’, the union focus on mental, physical as well as spiritual sense of each student enrolled here.

Vision of Gurukul Public school

It is now possible for the students with different economic class to study in a good school. Gurukul Public school is one of such institutions that will give high standard of education. Not only children belonging to high class society but also students from lower economic background can enrol here. The Moksh mission foundation provides equal opportunities to all. Folks with financial issues can enrol here. The organization will make smooth entry for all social class. Students can participate in cultural life.

Aim of ‘The Gurukul’

The experts at Moksh mission foundation can now transform the pass out students from here to independent global citizens. Also, they will be young and energetic. In addition, they will belong to a well taught community. Many of you may not afford higher education. The Gurukul Public school is meant to fulfil this. We will provide secondary education in affordable cost. The targeted students are from greater Noida.

Education technique at Gurukul

Students are no more interested in traditional education. This education makes the teacher the main provider of education. But, the students become only receiver. These days, the way of education has change. Moreover, Gurukul Public school has adopted the new one. In addition, the student will be a part of learning process. Folks are very happy to get such education. Enrol today for best education. Don’t let the seat to fill. Also, it will be a holistic approach. As a result, the country can see well educated citizens. Gurukul Public school is the best key to success. Explore it today through its website. Registration form is in the website.