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About - Moksh Mission Foundation

Our nation has improved its quality of life. Starting from smart phones to online shopping, people has experienced upgrades. Many projects on schools and colleges have come to the limelight. Moreover, the corporate houses are multiplying its profit. But, even after so much of progress, one portion of the society still suffers. Moreover, there are homeless people. Also, some families cannot afford schools for their kids. In addition, women are dominated within such society. Moksh Mission Foundation

Mr Ratan Singh

Our President

Our President,joined Moksh Mission Foundation on 1st of May 2015. He is constantly bringing out various projects and activities for children, needy women and homeless people in the society. In addition, Mr Ratan Singh plays a vital role in boosting and developing of NGO and bringing it among the top non profit making organizations that serves people.

Moksh Mission Foundation has several goals. Also, women empowerment is one of our missions which we have fulfilled by initiating several projects. Our team has created a platform for needy women to earn by themselves. Furthermore, our projects involves silk thread jewellery making, tailoring, bangles making with silk thread, jute craft, crafts with paper bags, etc. Our women empowerment centre will allow every helpless woman to join any of these projects and earn independently.

Some part of our society is dead against the birth of girl child. At Moksh Mission Foundation we work together to remove this social evil. We have a very simple slogan,’ Beti Bachaon Beti Parhaon’. In addition, This means save a girl child and make her literate. Also, our president plays a vital role in this project. Our President, Mr Ratan Singh says,’ Betiya hai anmol ratan, inka na karo apman. Kyuki betiya hai desh ki shan’. This means, daughters are jewels. Don’t insult them. Because, girl child are nation’s pride We have recently opened a school for kids. It is none other than the ‘little world play school’. We allow all poor children to get admission here. This is one of our major projects. Moksh Mission Foundation wish to remove the evil of illiteracy within the society. This is why we have started with kids. As soon as they become literate and work Betiya hai anmol ratan, inka na karo apman. We allow all poor children to get admission here.

Our Prime minister, Narendra Modi taught us to not only keep our home clean but also create cleanliness in our surroundings. Yes, the Sawachta Abhiyan is another project. Each and every individual must join hands to keep the nation clean.Independently in future, the nation will hardly see any illiterate numbers. We want to cut the evil right from its root.We serve the poorest of the poor. We provide midday meal programs in various places. We visit the orphanage and provide them the food to satisfy their hunger needs. Moksh Mission Foundation is the solution for every poor in the society. We believe in saving lives. You all can come and join us in the mission of serving people.